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Regenerative chamber furnace

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Regenerative quenching furnace, including furnace, combustion nozzle, gas pipe, air pipe and flue gas pipe, air pipe is connected with blower, flue gas pipe is connected with induced draft fan, combustion nozzle is arranged in pairs on both sides of furnace, gas inlet of combustion nozzle is connected with gas pipe respectively, gas pipe is equipped with gas reversing valve, combustion nozzle is equipped with heat storage chamber, which is filled with heat storage body, heat storage chamber The air pipe and flue gas pipe are connected with the air reversing valve. Through the above design, the fire-resistant materials arranged in pairs are used as heat storage materials, which are alternately heated by the high-temperature flue gas, and then the heat is transferred to the combustion supporting air, so that the combustion supporting air can be preheated to over 800 ℃, and the flue gas emission temperature can be reduced to 150 ℃, meanwhile, the emission of nitrogen oxides can be greatly reduced and the recovery can be made to a large extent The waste heat of flue gas can achieve the double purposes of energy saving and environmental protection.


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