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Safety operation rules for heat treatment workers of gas carburizing furnace of high precision chamber forging furnace


Operation rules for high precision chamber forging furnace

Through muffle furnace high temperature high precision chamber forging furnace experiment high precision chamber forging furnace, gas carburizing furnace heat treatment worker safety operation rules

1. Check the tightness of the gas pipeline valve and the pressure on the gas pipeline before opening the boiler.

2. Working conditions of pusher mechanism, pull rod mechanism and lifting mechanism of empty furnace test.

3. Loosen the compression spring to the specified size range.

4. Adjust the water level of the water seal, open the valve of the water seal discharge combustion pipe, and close the valve of the water seal.

5. Close the furnace door at the feeding end, open the furnace door at the discharging end for inspection, and close the furnace door when the direction of kerosene spray to form the mist flow is normal.

6. Ignite the combustion nozzle of the feed chamber.

7. The waste gas shall be discharged through the valve without water seal.

8. In case of interrupted production, the furnace tank shall be carburized first.

9. When the parts are placed, the distance between the parts shall not be less than 5mm; the edge of the parts shall not exceed the length of the base plate and the specified height.

10. The feed door and discharge door shall be opened and closed quickly, but the speed of push rod shall be stable.

11. The position of the parts in the precooling chamber shall be directly under the thermocouple.

12. The furnace is only allowed to be filled with 24 chassis, and the continuous feeding must be pulled before pushing.

13. When the boiler is shut down, reduce the temperature of each furnace area to the same temperature, and then start to cool down naturally.

14. Equipment cleaning:

(1) The furnace and tank shall be cleaned once a week during continuous production. The cleaning of intermittent production furnace and tank shall be carried out immediately after shutdown,

(2) When the cleaning temperature of the furnace is 850-870 ℃, take out all the chassis;

(3) When the compressed air nozzle is used to blow in from the feeding end of the furnace, the valve shall not be opened too large. During blowing, it must move forward and backward to prevent local overheating;

(4) The gas burner shall be cleaned with kerosene once before carburizing.

15. After the chassis or fixture is hardened, it shall return to the precooling chamber to remove the oil stain.

16. If the exhaust pipe is blocked (the pressure in the furnace suddenly increases), it shall be cleaned immediately. First, open the waste gas valve without water seal, and then close the waste gas pipe valve with water seal. After cleaning, the waste gas pipe valve with water seal shall be opened first, and then the waste gas valve without water seal shall be closed.

17. Precautions:

(1) Always pay attention to the combustion status and gas pressure in each area;

(2) Don't stand in the middle when opening the furnace door to prevent burn caused by flame spraying;

(3) Pay attention to whether the combustion nozzle in the Department burns and check whether the wedge door leaks with a torch;

(4) When the flame of the burner is extinguished, the gas valve shall be closed immediately, and then the air valve shall be closed;

(5) If parts fall or wedge door switch fails to work, stop feeding and take out parts.


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