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Chongqing WOx Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in China, which is engaged in the development, research and manufacture of regenerative industrial furnace, regenerative combustion technology, industrial furnace energy saving technology and low NOx regenerative burner. The company was listed on the new third board in 2014 (Stock Code: 430550). The company has 14 patents and self-adaptive, fully intelligent precise temperature control technology (with software copyright) and periodic regenerative industrial furnace control system. In contrast, the Vaux regenerative industrial furnace has the characteristics of simple operation, stable operation, low use and maintenance costs and long service life. At present, Vaux has built nearly one thousand periodic regenerative industrial furnaces of various types in various parts of China, involving machinery manufacturing, nuclear power, aviation, non-ferrous and other industries. With R & D team, production base and production team. We have mastered the advantages of regenerative combustion technology and control technology, with 5 utility model patents and 7 invention patents. Our company combines regenerative combustion technology, high-speed combustion technology and pulse combustion technology. After years of theoretical development and practice, combined with the characteristics of China's industrial furnaces, we have successfully developed the regenerative combustion technology dxgpulse, lxpulse and pxburmner technology with independent intellectual property rights, This technology enables the energy saving, sample reduction and environmental protection indexes of our company's heating, heat treatment and melting super regenerative industrial furnaces to reach and exceed the national standard of super furnaces, and extends the application scope of regenerative combustion technology to the whole temperature range (high temperature, medium temperature and low humidity industrial furnaces, air temperature ~ 1400C); It is a new breakthrough in the field of industrial furnace to solve the problems of large energy consumption, high emission, low efficiency and beautiful precision existing in the traditional industrial furnace. Compared with the traditional industrial furnace, the regenerative industrial furnace manufactured by our company not only increases the energy saving rate by about 3050%, but also greatly reduces the NOx emission