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Northern Heavy Industries

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Case name: North Heavy Industry

Technical characteristics

No high temperature flue and chimney, no auxiliary high temperature smoke exhaust (high calorific value gas)

Compared with the traditional heat storage, the combustion efficiency in the low temperature section is increased by 30 ~ 50%, and the energy saving rate is increased by 15%

Compared with conventional combustion technology, energy saving is 30 ~ 60% < exhaust gas temperature: ~ 150C

Flame shape: strong radiation disk type plane flame / high kinetic energy strong radiation dispersion flame. Temperature control accuracy: soil 1.5 ~ 2C

Automatic control of heating process curve (heating speed and high, medium and low temperature control platforms)

Automatic control of furnace pressure

Full temperature regenerative commutation starting from room temperature ignition. Regenerator life heater 2 years

It enhances the high temperature radiation ability, improves the heating efficiency, and avoids the direct contact of the flame with the ingot,

Put an end to the phenomenon of chemical steel

Special flue gas return cooling structure reduces flame temperature and avoids local high temperature

Standardized design of combustion and control system ensures simple maintenance for users

Completely replace conventional flat flame burner and metal air heat exchanger


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